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Fibreglass pools cape town

We specialize in renovations, either re-marble or using fibreglass to line gunite pools. Using the fibreglass method algae cannot root into a fibreglass lined pool and so the pool is much easier to maintain and chemical usage is vastly reduced.
There is much less wear and tear on the pool cleaner and the pump and filter load is significantly reduced. As an added benefit the water may be slightly warmer. The fibreglass liner is much less likely to stain. We empty the pool, clean and prepare the old surface and bond a layer of glass matt to the shell with a special isophtalic resin specifically formulated for pool applications. Where necessary we even apply a special epoxy primer for better adhesion.

Our Specialist Swimming Pool Services include:
  • Fiberglass linings
  • Re-marble
  • Structural repairs
  • New Copings Installed
  • Weir, Light, Salt water chlorinator installations
Winner of Multiple NSPI Gold Awards for Pool Renovations

PAIA (Section 51) Manual