Pool Maintenance

Keep your pool perfectly clean all year

Having a swimming pool requires maintenance and upkeep. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, we will assist you.

A poorly maintained swimming pool is unhealthy and could also lead to serious problems in the long run.

Expert Pool Cleaning

Maintaining clean and healthy swimming pool water requires regular cleaning and chemical balancing. Contact us today for assistance with:

  • Pool maintenance
  • Swimming pool cleaning
  • Chemical rebalancing
  • Supply of new pool equipment
  • Pool servicing

Weekly Pool Cleaning

Your swimming pool requires regular cleaning sessions each week to maintain its sparkling cleanliness.

Among the pool maintenance services we offer are:

  • Testing and analyzing pool chemical levels
  • Cleaning filters, skimmer bags, weirs, and baskets
  • Vacuuming the pool surface
  • Backwashing the pool
  • Brushing and removing leaves and debris from the pool
  • Treating the pool with appropriate chemicals
  • Pool chemical analysis and rebalancing

Maintaining the correct pH levels in your swimming pool water is crucial to its health and preventing algae growth. Achieving the right chemical balance requires experience and precision.

Regular testing and analysis of your pool water's pH balance are included in our services.

Swimming pool equipment, unfortunately, doesn't last indefinitely. Your pool cover, skimmer, filter, pipes, and baskets will eventually require replacement.

During your service, we conduct regular inspections and notify you when equipment needs replacing or servicing.

Any necessary replacements or servicing of equipment will be handled by your pool cleaning agent.

Seasonal Pool Cleaning

If your pool is in poor condition and needs restoration, we can assist you. It's recommended that your pool receives a yearly service to ensure optimal operation.

During your servicing, we will:

  • Test your pool’s pH levels
  • Treat your pool with chemicals to prevent bacteria and algae growth
  • Inspect all pool equipment (filters, pipes, weir, etc.)
  • Replace any broken pool parts
  • Conduct deep pool cleaning, including vacuuming and brushing

After our servicing, your pool will be ready for another season of enjoyable use!

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