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Pool Renovations, Marbelite and Relining in Cape Town

Is Your Pool Looking Old?

Transform your pool to look like new

Transform your pool with our range of renovation services offered at Waterfront Pool & Renovations. Restore your pool's sparkle and rejuvenate its appearance with our comprehensive pool renovation options, including:

  • Fibreglass relining
  • Marbelite application
  • Paving and mosaic enhancements
  • Pool adaptations and additional features
  • Pool resurfacing

Simply fill out our user-friendly online form to connect with your local area agent. Our network of swimming pool professionals boasts years of experience and a track record of successful pool restorations.

Book your inspection today and discover that pool renovation is more affordable than you may think. It's a cost-effective alternative to installing a new pool, delivering the same revitalized results. Turn your pool into a brand-new oasis and reignite your enjoyment of swimming once again.

Pool Relining & Resurfacing

If your swimming pool is experiencing frequent leaks or displays signs of surface damage such as cracking, blistering, or discoloration, it may be time for pool resurfacing.

Typically, pool linings have a lifespan of at least 10 years but may require replacement when wear and tear becomes evident.

The resurfacing process typically takes around 4-5 days, meaning you could be enjoying your newly resurfaced pool within a week.

Reach out to one of our swimming pool service providers who specialize in professional pool resurfacing, offering options in Marbelite or Fiberglass finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my pool be repaired if it still contains water?

Yes, technically it's possible to patch up an area while the pool still contains water, but relying solely on patches may eventually lead to leaks. It's advisable to seek professional help to ensure a lasting solution.

Can I have steps installed in my pool?

Yes, steps can be installed in your pool, but it's best done during the pool lining replacement or resurfacing process. This typically involves draining most or all of the water from the pool.

What surface is better: Marbelite or Fiberglass?

The choice between Marbelite and Fibreglass depends on your specific requirements. Fibreglass linings are usually more cost-effective and do not require a liner. They are also easier to maintain. On the other hand, although Marbelite pools may be more expensive, they offer customization options in terms of shape, greater durability, and less frequent need for resurfacing.

Can I change the shape of my pool?

Yes, you can change the shape of your pool. However, bear in mind that altering the shape will incur additional costs. For fibreglass pools, a completely new pool may be necessary, while Gunite and Concrete pools can be adapted from the existing shape.

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